Haters Against BLM Movement

What happens when you stand for the truth? There are difficulties you have to be ready to face

This time a Unitarian Universalist Church has been damaged by vandals for placing signs of the Black Lives Matter movement.

It all started three months ago after the church decided to give their full support to the BLM movement.

In January 2016, six of the church’s windows were crushed by some individuals or group of haters who get especially offended when white men support the BLM movement. On March 4, another window was broken and another BLM sign disappeared.

A spokesman, Dan Trujillo, in a statement said that reports were made to the police department about the incidents and investigations are going on to get those behind these hate crimes. “No one has been accounted for,” he said.

There already have been several cases in which signs of Black Lives Matter got vandalized.

According to reports, Reverend Suzanne Redfern-Campbell, a minister at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Friday March 25, found a cuboid-shape block which was used to break the windows….again.  She intends to keep it as a religious symbol.

This seems like a cold war against Blacks. As movements like the BLM try to create awareness of social justice, others are ready to vandalize signs and churches and by the way destroy everyone who gives support to the movement.

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