BlackMattersUS is a fast-growing group of online activists, true believers in the course and ideals of the Black rights movement. Our website and social media deliver raw and original information on the most urgent issues important to the African-American community in America.

Our activists organize meetups all over the USA. We are working with families of victims and survivors of police brutality and hate crimes.

Help us continue this important organizing work by making a donation.

Our new projects need human and financial resources. We always invest our own resources but it is not enough. We ask for your help. Donate to the needs of the Black Community.


  • Cover organizational costs for our activists and authors (i.e. gas and tolls; bus and/or van rentals; needed materials and supplies for the meetups and actions such as signs, t-shirts, flyers, and leaflets)
  • Support any urgent costs (i.e. legal fees, jail bails, and other safety matters)
  • Support the families of our Black brothers and sisters directly impacted by the discrimination and racism. We are in contact with many families and victims who have suffered the police brutality and hate crimes.
  • Support our new project, SKWAD55, created to give voice to experienced and new street artists, rappers, authors, and activists

All contributions are cherished and appreciated.

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