Clemson University Students Demand Renaming

Though Clemson University is smaller than Yale it deserves no less, students think.

After Yale’s administration decided to rename Calhoun College for a Black feminist scientist the students of Clemson University stepped out with the same initiative.

clemson1 clemson2

Tillman Hall at the University is named after Benjamin Tillman, a white supremacist who didn’t conceal his hatred towards Black people. The name change was offered several times but university’s Board of Trustees never took them seriously.

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“Ben Tillman was complicit or directly responsible for the killing of many black people, an action for which he apparently felt no remorse,” students wrote on the faculty website. “Why would we honor this legacy by retaining his name on one of the iconic buildings on campus?”


At the moment the issue is widely discussed as many students took to social media, though no decision has been made yet. We ask you to share this information so that Clemson University  could follow Yale’s lead and remove the stain of racism from it’s reputation.

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