Chicago Black Activist Slams Rahm Emanuel

Chicago Activist slams Rahm Emanuel 'When you talk about violence, talk about economics'

MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes delved into the most pressing issues faced by those living in Chicago during a town-hall-style episode that aired on Friday. According to DNA Info, Chicago activist Ja’Mal Green slammed Mayor Rahm Emanuel for the lack of effort that he has put towards combating violence in the city.

It was a parade of every topic that’s grabbed headlines on the South Side over the last year: a deep distrust of a dysfunctional police department, an acknowledgment that many believe economics are at the root of the violence and a distrust of politicians at all levels.

“This mayor in the city of Chicago doesn’t care about black people,” said Ja’mal Green, an activist. “We’re walking past boarded up schools and boarded up houses.”

Criticism of Mayor Rahm Emanuel came up frequently and went largely unchecked for nearly the entire hour, despite representation of the Mayor’s Office by Deputy Mayor Andrea Zopp. Lori Lightfoot, president of the Chicago Police Board, was also on the panel.

Green believes that there aren’t enough funds being allocated to address issues that affect the Black community.

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