Un-tie – Ties That Are Truly Unique

We continue to introduce you talented Black designers, who are going to take part in Black Fashion Week USA 2017.

Patricia Dobine-Brewer, the owner of the brand, has been addicted to sewing since the sweet age of 13. Without taking any classes, Patricia learned the basics from her mom and then took over more skills from her older sister and her aunt.


She has sewn everything from curtains to wedding gowns. After working for 14 years, she retired from her career to take care of her husband who was overcoming multiple sclerosis. She then commenced  UN-TIE in 2012



She was inspired by watching Family Feud hosted by Steve Harvey and decided to create her own brand in order to get some extra income. Her admiration of Steve’s neck ties encouraged her to start creating her own, which she wanted to be different and special. The work took months of trials and errors but she was on to something and couldn’t turn back now. Finally, she had something to show and be proud to put her name on.  Patricia hopes to see her design walk the RED CARPET one day!

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