Donald Trump’s campaign policies are “disturbing and Unacceptable”

Trump is the most disturbing and racial candidate in the race to the White House.

Aspiring Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign to lead the Republicans in November’s elections has been described as racist and xenophobic.

“The baseline of his campaign is to make America white again,” reported James Patterson, a high school student who was assigned to volunteer at Trump’s campaign as a part of a student-based civics activity.

“It speaks to fundamentalist Christian, white middle class Americans who feel like their power has been taken. Even though that’s a false accusation, they feel like because minorities are making strides that they’re losing power,” he added.

At the campaign grounds, Patterson, the only black volunteer, described Trump’s campaign policies disturbing, unacceptable and sentimental. The environment around his campaign is racist-filled with special attention to the level of disrespect in his speech for other nationals and skin colors.

Trump’s policies are exclusively against people of different skin color and nationals.

The fact that he blurs out and thinks everyone is a mess except for himself, really puts him out of the race already. Until his racists policies are changed, Trump isn’t the man to lead this great Nation.

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