HBCU grads get better opportunities in life

It has been recently revealed that Black graduates might be better off at historically Black colleges than traditionally white schools.

Recent Gallup poll findings revealed that black graduates of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the U.S. feel more prepared for life outside of college compared with black graduates of non-HBCUs.

As a result, 55,812 adults with HBCU bachelor degrees, received between 1940 and 2015, admitted to being more successful in terms of financial well-being, engagement at work and physical health than other graduates.

We are so proud that black people created such an environment for students which could become a starting point for their bright future.

HBCU is the prestigious place where thousands of black students enjoy equal educational opportunities regardless of their social and racial backgrounds.

Unfortunately, HBCUs are battling a large variety of challenges, including downgrading and lower-than-average graduation, which lead to the dwindling number of Black universities and subsequently to declines in the number of Black students.

In this regard, we believe that a college qualification is a right and not a privilege. In reality, Black youth are in a constant struggle for educational access and equity which is simply abnormal for a democratic country.

Black universities need more support. There are thousands of aspiring Black students across the country and they need to be encouraged by authorities to achieve the highest heights of intellectual and financial excellence.

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