White Supremacy Removed From Yale College Name

Yale University announced Saturday that they will officially rename a residential college connected with a white supremacy advocate.

The new name will honor Grace Murray Hopper who was a pioneer of computer science and earned her doctorate in mathematics at Yale in 1934 instead of  Vice President John C. Calhoun.



The switch is a result of long-term protests arranged by Yale students, employees and Connecticut citizens who considered Calhoun a supporter of slavery and white supremacy whose name was inappropriate for a college.

yale3 yale2

“The decision to change a college’s name is not one we take lightly,” Yale President Peter Salovey claimed. “But John C. Calhoun’s legacy as a white supremacist and a national leader who passionately supported slavery as a ‘positive good’ fundamentally conflicts with Yale’s mission and values.”



This obviously wise decision yet led to some controversy among the members and supporters of the college which means the battle hasn’t been won. We wish Yale, it’s students and teachers good luck in fighting for freedom, equality and other truly American values.

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