Officers Violently Beat And Arrest Teen Just For Asking Question

Some Baton Rouge, Louisiana officers are under serious scrutiny for beating up a 16-year-old boy on Sunday after a video showing his beating went viral.

The Baton Rouge Advocate reported that some Louisiana officers are under investigation for beating a 16-year-old boy after a video of the beating got to the department. The video features the teen, Ja’Colby Davis surrounded by officers whiles he was on the ground and trying to cover his face from the punches of officers.

Davis encountered this unfortunate situation when the police were responding to an ongoing fight near where he and his 14-year-old brother were standing. Davis’ younger brother said, Davis was hardly thrown to the ground by officers just by asking an officer why he was wrongfully grabbed to get him away from the scene. Danielle Todd, the mother of Davis, told The Rouge Collection in an interview.

“I feel like this shouldn’t happen to anyone’s child,” Todd said. “No parent should have to see a video of police officers beating their child for asking a question.”

Unfortunately, one could not vividly say what led to the teen’s arrest or just a name of an officer involved, but police spokesperson Sgt. Don Coppola has been able to confirm the victim was Davis. This is how the people we have entrusted our lives to protect us turn to maltreat us.

A thorough investigation should be conducted because officers do not have the right to maltreat and arrest someone only for asking question. These officers should be punished if found guilty or not.

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