Eddie Johnson Becomes An Interim Superintendent Of Police in Chicago

The Chief of Patrol Eddie Johnson has been appointed to serve as interim superintendent of police in Chicago.

According to reports, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel chose Johnson instead of three candidates recommended by the city’s police board.

One might be wondering why the Mayor could appoint someone out of the box. The city has a high record of police brutality and to fix that someone has to be from the inside; it must be someone who can help to rebuild the community’s trust. Emanuel sure that Mr. Johnson is the best person for this position.

The African-American Johnson with his new appointment will probably face some difficulties at the beginning especially with raising level of violence and relations with the black community.

The Mayor is required to appoint a superintendent from those that have been recommended by the police board. Out of 39 applicants, 3 were selected by the police board for the position. He rejected the three nominees and appointed the 27-year veteran of the police force.

The good news is that Johnson is a plus one representing the interest of black communities in Chicago. The more we have his kind in political offices, the better we feel safe in our communities.

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