Unarmed Black Man Shot By El Cajon Police Officer In San Diego

A Black man suffered an unfortunate ordeal with El Cajon police officers on Tuesday afternoon. The man was shot and

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Black Celebrities: Denzel Washington And Viola Davis Star In New Movie

The amazing filmmaker and actor Denzel Washington put in a lot of work for years in order to realize the

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Black Crime Statistics Overestimated By Maine Governor

A three-ring binder in which Governor LePage kept records of crime-related arrests in his state was released this week, and

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Racial Ideology: White Supremacists Promote Racism At University Of Michigan

The fight against racism in the U.S. is a battle that has been going on for donkey’s years and it’s

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Time For Black Female Comedies On TV

The transformation in television landscape occurred in the 1990’s with Black dramas taking over the scene. Scandal was one of

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Black Scholarship: P. Diddy Establishes $1M Scholarship Fund At Alma Mater

American rapper and entrepreneur, Sean “Diddy” Combs has extended his benevolent act to his Alma Mater, Howard University. He established

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Black Magazines: Marley Dias Launches ‘Black Girl” Magazine

The young Black girl behind #1000BlackGirlBooks has released yet another exciting magazine which she calls “Black girl.” The inception of

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The College at Brockport Investigates Racist Quote In School Dormitory

The police are currently investigating an act of racism committed by one of the students of the College at Brockport,

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After 100 YRS African-American National Museum Opened In Grand Style

The grand opening of the long-awaited museum to showcase the African-American history and culture, at last, came to pass on

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