Black Girl Magic Celebrated In Movie Clip

Boston educator creates music video for the song “My Black Is Beautiful” to show Black girl magic to the world.

Lovely Hoffman noted her experience as an educator revealed that many young girls today suffer from low self-esteem.



“I see young ladies thinking negatively about themselves because they don’t have certain traits. I felt like this song was necessary for children to understand that there’s a beauty in the diversity of Blackness. Whether your skin is darker, whether it’s caramel, whether it’s light skinned, it’s beautiful. [There’s] not one standard of beauty. As African people, we’ve already accepted the uniqueness and the distinction that we have as people. We embrace that. That is what makes you beautiful. We don’t have to agree with this European concept that you have to look this one way,” the author of the video notes.



We should always remember that Black kids need more support and encouragement as they have to cope with the issues their white counterparts have never heard of, things lie stereotyping and discrimination. This video is a great tool to solve the problem. Watch it – it will not leave you indifferent. Spread it – share some Black girl magic with the world.

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