The College at Brockport Investigates Racist Quote In School Dormitory

“No tolerance for behaviors or actions that are hurtful to or exclusive of any member of our community,” President of the College at Brockport, Dr. Macpherson condemned racist quote.

The police are currently investigating an act of racism committed by one of the students of the College at Brockport, State University of New York. Some students woke up to a racism quote written on a white board in their dormitory.

The inscription, “n-gers deserve to die” was written on a white board in the dormitory which is dominated by Black people, WHAM reports.

The university police have initiated investigations into the matter and the culprit stands to be slapped with criminal charges. Also, the college has disclosed that any student found culpable of the act will be expelled from the school.

Dr. Heidi Macpherson, president of the College at Brockport has expressed disdain about the unlawfully shameful act. He described it as “unacceptable.” He further stated that “no tolerance for behaviors or actions that are hurtful to or exclusive of any member of our community.”

Thus, students of the school have been requested to reiterate their commitment to the school’s Community Statement, WASH reports. Also, a community conversation will be organized at an unconfirmed date by the school for students to be enlightened about the dangers of hate speech and the usefulness of tolerance.

Macpherson further added when the notice was disseminated, “It saddens me that this message needed to be sent. Please join me in working towards ending the culture of intolerance that continues to exist in the world today.”

Currently, some students are living in constant fear for their lives, not knowing what horrific act might follow the hate racism quote. A student, Diamond Cotton Jr. told WASH that “This is not the first time that I’ve had a run in with racism here. I’ve actually faced racism in my dorm room as a student … I don’t feel safe on this campus.”

Acts of racism in our educational institutions are equally unacceptable as in any other way. Students who are supposed to be focused on their studies have to now live their everyday life in fear of being attacked by some racists. The school officials must rise up against such acts of terrorism. It cannot be tolerated anymore! Black people deserve to live!

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