Teaching How To Tie A Durag Is An Extra Education That Kids Need

Black education excellence in Patrick Harris showing students how to tie a durag

Patrick Harris is a teacher that so committed to educate young black kids that alongside of basic teaching he shows black history and culture elements like how to tie a durag. And it’s important for black kids to have such teachers, who dedicate their life to educate our youth. Black teachers are the best ones.

In the video, which was posted Wednesday, Harris gives first-hand instruction as he demonstrates how to wear the item to an inquisitive group of elementary school students. The video, which includes the hashtag #BlackHistoryMonth in its caption. Although it’s not Durag History Week, which was created by The Atlantic’s Vann R. Newkirk, it is Black History Month, and this is what you call “Doing it for the culture.” Those little boys will forever remember that moment. Just don’t tie it too tight—you don’t want that line across your forehead all day.

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