Cori Davis – Inspired By History

We continue to introduce you talented Black designers, who are going to take part in Black Fashion Week USA 2017.

Cori Davis arrived in Chicago in 1994. She grew up in California and started to dream of becoming a fashion designer at the age of ten. She began making paper dolls during history class in 5.

She began making paper dolls during history class in 5th grade and had a classmate cut out the clothing that she would draw for the paper dolls.


She began to sew after taken at home economics class in high school.


Cori obtained her BFA in fashion design from AI Chicago. Specialising in corsetry as well as transformational reconstruction.  Still inspired by history Cori’s latest collection is a nod to the Mod era of the sixties. Cori will debut the Moto Mod f/w 2017 in spring 2017.


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