Unarmed Black Man Shot By El Cajon Police Officer In San Diego

El Cajon police officer shot and injured a Black man after responding to a report of a man behaving “erratically.”

A Black man suffered an unfortunate ordeal with El Cajon police officers on Tuesday afternoon. The man was shot and severely injured in an encounter with the officers after they received reports of a man being erratic near a strip mall on Broadway near Mollison Avenue in San Diego.

The police said he wasn’t complying with orders before he was shot in front of an apartment building. The victim, who is reportedly 30-years-old, was taken to the hospital after receiving some first aid treatment from the officers.

El Cajon police Lt. Rob Ransweiler stated that one caller reported that the man was walking in traffic. The lieutenant also said that the Black man’s decision not to comply with the officers’ orders resulted in a confrontation which ended with him getting shot.

Witnesses at the scene of the shooting have since questioned the action of the police officer, who shot the man. An outraged crowd of about 30 people gathered and demanded answers from the El Cajon police, as they all voiced their concerns that the shooting was racially motivated.

 It was also reported that witnesses at a local restaurant near the scene had their cell phones confiscated by the police and they were told not to say anything to anyone.

A witness, Michael Ray Rodriguez said that he was leaving the apartment building when he saw a shirtless Black man with his hands up. Within seconds, he heard the sounds of 5 gunshots, as an officer opened fire and shot the victim.

“(The officer) let go of the trigger and shot him again and again,” Rodriguez said.

El Cajon police department only recently completed a test program for body cameras and ordered for some, which haven’t arrived yet, hence the absence of body-cams on the officers.

The shooting is presently under investigation by the District Attorney’s Office and the El Cajon Police Department.

When will this madness stop? Yet another unarmed Black man shot by the police. Is this a drill with the aim of the extinction of Black people or what? There are no logical explanations for the way Blacks are treated by police officers in this country. Almost every single day, a Black man dies as a result of police brutality. When will we see an end to this preposterous and vile treatment of Black people?

Source: NBC San Diego
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