Black Crime Statistics Overestimated By Maine Governor

Maine Governor Paul LePage exaggerated the amount of crime committed by people of color.

A three-ring binder in which Governor LePage kept records of crime-related arrests in his state was released this week, and it was verified that LePage had cruelly exaggerated the number of Black and Hispanic drug traffickers in Maine.

Notwithstanding the unforgiving criticism for what the Governor did, he seemed unmoved by critics, as he stated that Black and Hispanic defendants make up “90-plus percent” of the drug dealers accused of trafficking heroin and other narcotics in the state.

The exaggeration of Black crime statistics by Mr. LePage isn’t surprising at all, after all, he’s renowned for making racist remarks and also claiming that people of color are the enemies. Michael Jawando, vice president of legal progress at the Center for American Progress, a liberal public policy and research group, spoke to The Christian Science Monitor.

“I think the first thing that comes to mind is the unfortunate reality in our country that there is a percentage of, I would say, people in leadership – disproportionately, white men – who have a view and a vantage about black people or Hispanics that associates the whole’s characteristic with some type of criminality,” Jawando said.

Black people are arrested and, more often served with longer sentences than their white counterparts, which furthermore explains the racial bias and discrimination in the criminal justice system.

“Inherent within our system there are major issues when we look at how we treat people of color and how we arrest, sentence, prosecute, stop, and frisk people of color in this country for the same crimes that our white brothers and sisters commit,” Jawando added.

Maine is a state widely dominated by whites and the widespread addiction to heroin, fentanyl, and prescription opioids is at an all-time high after it was reported that the city saw a record-high 272 overdose deaths.

Governor LePage’s comments about people of color are quite appalling and evident for all to see that he is a bigot. It’s, in truth, inexcusable that a racist is allowed to be in power. His state has got a bigger problem of addiction and instead of facing the problem; he decides to blab about other races at any given chance. This pathetic Governor doesn’t deserve to be one; he has to go.

Source: Csmonitor
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