Scariest Halloween Decorations Depicts Real Life Horror In America

Taking a glimpse of Larethia Haddon’s compound, one may be frightened by some of the scariest Halloween decorations. Yeah, it

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Black Celebrities: Jesse Williams Sheds Light On High Rate Of Black Students’ Arrests

Racial discrimination and profiling have been thorns in our skins for as long as one can remember. And the injustice

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Black Art: Solange’s ‘A Seat At The Table’ Gives An Insight Into Black Life

Solange Knowles dropped her highly anticipated album on Friday. It was expected to be a great work of art, but

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Black Reparations: U.N. Panel Calls On America To Compensate Blacks

A United Nations panel has drawn America’s attention to the fact that they actually owe Blacks a compensation and an

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Racial Ideology: White Supremacists Promote Racism At University Of Michigan

The fight against racism in the U.S. is a battle that has been going on for donkey’s years and it’s

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Black Magazines: Marley Dias Launches ‘Black Girl” Magazine

The young Black girl behind #1000BlackGirlBooks has released yet another exciting magazine which she calls “Black girl.” The inception of

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The College at Brockport Investigates Racist Quote In School Dormitory

The police are currently investigating an act of racism committed by one of the students of the College at Brockport,

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