Advertising Careers: Blacks Face Massive Discrimination

Quite a few Black people still suffer discrimination in the advertisement sector.

The phenomenon racism in America is spread across more sectors of the economy than many actually think. One of the various fields that have been the reference point when racism is mentioned is the advertisement sector.

We are familiar with racism in advertisements when it comes to the kind of people who portray some characters but the experience of Derek Walker has revealed that even the creators of the advertisements are discriminated against.

Many of us are not familiar with the fact that people of color are often denied the opportunity in advertising careers. And the  other thing that we wish to bring to your attention in this article is the denial of Black people to work in some biggest advertising agencies.

The advertising sector in the U.S. isn’t only racially biased when it comes to the race of people working directly with goods and services but it is also very racially selective when it comes to choosing people to work behind the cameras or creating scenarios.

An advertising expert, Derek Walker shares his experience of racial discrimination in the advertising sector. He enumerated a number of situations where he was turned down by the employers just because he was Black. In one instance he mentioned that after he had concluded an interview for the position of the creative director, an executive told him, “I don’t want to lie to you, but management didn’t know you were Black, and they are unwilling to pay a Black man this much.”

There is another story several Black people trying to build their advertising careers can apply to themselves. They often happen to be in the situations where employers tell them in the face that they cannot be hired simply because of their skin color. Walker also cited a situation when an Executive Vice President told him plainly in a meeting, “I don’t care how talented you are, how creative or how smart – if you don’t have the look, you will not be allowed in front of the client.”

The Black man with a passion for advertising stated that the predominant problem in the sector is prejudice. Black people are out rightly considered incompetent without any analysis. The advertising sector tends to deal with white working force only. No wonder their ideas are always generated from a particular cultural perspective.

This is appalling! In America,  it seems a Black person doesn’t exist, as African-Americans are left to fight for everything. And the problem is rooted so deep that  white managers are ready to refuse the money of thousands of Black customers just to keep Black employees  out of the meetings.

Source: The Drum
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