Scariest Halloween Decorations Depicts Real Life Horror In America

Detroit woman, Larethia Haddon has provided a true American answer to the question, ‘what is Halloween about?’

Taking a glimpse of Larethia Haddon’s compound, one may be frightened by some of the scariest Halloween decorations. Yeah, it is Halloween but this is fit to be termed ‘the American Halloween.’

The sight a person may behold at the yard of the Detroit Black woman isn’t anything different from the real state of the nation today.  It is as horrifying as the caricatures in Haddon’s compound.

Haddon thought it wise to shift the focus of this years’ Halloween to the pressing issue in the country now; brutality against black people. The Black granny had depicted the various horrific happenings in America with six dummies.

One of the dummies is positioned with his hands up in bloody attire. An inscription “My hands were up,” is placed just above his head. This represents the rampant police brutalities in our country.

Also, a different dummy on the compound can be seen with a glass of what looks like a contaminated water. This represents the polluted water situation in Flint, a community which is predominantly occupied by Black people.

Furthermore, on display in the yard is a representation of the bomb detonated in Manhattan earlier. That also has the inscription, “Book bag bomb why.”

In an interview with Michigan live, Haddon stated that she wanted to take a break from the assumed horrific nature of Halloween and seize the opportunity to turn the attention of many to the pressing issue at hand. She said, “[We] want to get people to be a little more focused on the issues, what’s going on in the world,” Haddon said. “We need to stick together more. We need to come together. And if we don’t, this scene in my yard is going to be reality every single day.”

So many people have made their way to the compound of Haddon to see for themselves the real state of the country represented by the various dummies.

The Black Detroit woman appreciated the efforts of her 5- and 10-year-old grandchildren for assisting her to set up the yard.

This is a thoughtful initiative by Haddon to draw people’s attention to the terror facing the Black communities in America. The horror is real and we must join hands to stop racism. There is the need to rise up against systematic oppression and systematic racism.

source: Pop Sugar

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