Florida SWAT Team Killed Unarmed Black Man Over Marijuana

22-year-old Levonia Riggins was shot dead by a Florida SWAT team at his residence after they found 2 grams of marijuana in his home.

A month-long drug investigation of 22-year-old Black man, Levonia Riggins ended on a rather sad and unfortunate note. On Tuesday morning, a SWAT team raided the home of Riggins in search of drugs but ended up shooting the unarmed Black man. The search resulted in them finding 2 grams of marijuana at Riggins residence.

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff officials, the unarmed Black man posed an “immediate threat” to the SWAT team. Although Riggins had gone a year without getting into trouble, officers tagged him as someone who couldn’t stay away from it. This contradicts the accounts by family and friends; describing him as a kind and calm person.

According to Tampa Bay Times, Riggins had been arrested a number of times and had served a jail term.“Yeah, he smokes his weed and stuff, but he was never into anything serious. He was very kind, always wanting to talk to people, always there for you,” Scoot, a bosom friend of Riggins described the kind of person he was.

32-year-old Caleb Johnson has been mentioned as the deputy who killed Riggins. He is a 7-year veteran of the sheriff’s office and has since been put on administrative leave with pay for killing the unarmed Black man. Though the sheriff’s officials claim they were sure he had a gun in his possession, no gun was yet found during the raid. They also said they requested everyone out of the house but the deceased refused; which is another fairytale! The family said the incident happened at 8 a.m. and Riggins might have been sleeping by then.

The police are at it again! Unwarranted killings seem to be the new order in the police service. Marijuana related cases aren’t rated as serious criminal offenses. Moreover, the quantity of marijuana found in the house was too little to tag him as a dealer; it was 2 grams, less than an eighth of an ounce.

It is obvious the excuses by the SWAT team are total rubbish! How did they expect a sleeping man to immediately comply with their orders? What if he didn’t even hear them? And how does a sleeping unarmed Black man pose an ‘immediate threat’ to anyone? This is a real cock and bull story! It is clear they just went there to kill the Black man period. That is why the killer cop can even be rewarded; sent on administrative paid leave. It is only in America that a cop is rewarded for killing innocent Black people. This madness must stop!

Source: Pinac Be the Media

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