Leaked Memo: Democrat Tells Candidates To Desist From Backing BLM

An intercepted memo sent from Troy Perry to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee warns candidates against supporting BLM policies.

The memo which was originally sent in November 2015 by a presidential campaign staffer for Hillary Clinton, Troy Perry was hacked and posted on the Guccifer 2.0 blog on the night of August 30th, reported by Mic. According to the memo, House candidates’ campaign staff was urged to merely meet with local Black Lives Matter activists either personally or in smaller groups and listen to their plight. But the memo refrained the candidates from offering to support the policies of the BLM movement.

The memo further entreated candidates to stay away from making mention of “all lives matter” or “black on black crime,” due to the fact that the Black Lives Matter movement dislikes it when politicians take on their message to amass votes for themselves. Moreover, the memo encouraged Democrat’s candidates to turn their attention to police-community relationship and “a history of systematic racism” against Black-Americans and talk more about it in their media statements.

Meredith Kelly, the press secretary of the DNCC in a bid to do some damage control, quickly released a statement in response to Mic’s post to reaffirm their support and respect for the BLM group. In the statement, he said, “The DCCC highly respects and values the leadership of the Black Lives Matter movement.” He further stated that “We will not allow this hacking to distract from our common goals nor disparage the BLM movement. We continue to welcome further engagement with activists and BLM leaders nationwide.”

But a post from the Black Lives Matter’s official Facebook page expressed disappointment in the action taken by the Democrats; “[disappointment] with the DCCC’s placating response to our demand to value all Black life.” “Black communities deserve to be heard, not handled,” it said. “We expect that our elected officials will stop pacifying and take us seriously.”

This revelation is a disgrace to the Democratic Party. How can you play politics with the lives of people? When people are dying, they are interested in votes and power. This isn’t a party that is worth being in power. I wonder what they will do when given the nod. Maybe they might as well strip off the little privileges at the disposal of Black-Americans.

Source: ColorLines

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