Court Strikes Down America’s Worst Voter Suppression Law

The upcoming November 2016 presidential polls in America might take another shape as the North Carolina’s voter law which targeted the disenfranchisement of Black people won’t be applied.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court made a public declaration of the cancellation of North Carolina’s voter suppression law. This means that the controversial voter law will no more have an impact on the upcoming presidential elections. Some key provisions of the law were previously ruled out by a federal appeals court. They explained that the new voter law was targeted at Black people in America; making it extremely difficult for them to exercise their civil rights.

The court proceedings were marked with some insightful debates as it involved some high profile attorneys in the U.S.A. A former United States Solicitor General, Paul Clement who was contracted by the North Carolina state tried to argue for the reinstatement of the law but wasn’t successful.

During the voting process, all four of the Court’s Republican-Appointees voted for the reinstatement of the voter suppression law. The overturning of the North Carolina’s voter law is indeed a major victory for voting rights activists.

At least for once, it seems some state agencies are interested in the freedom of African-Americans. But can we actually trust their honesty? Was this decision made purposely because they needed Black people to vote for them during the upcoming polls?

Maybe a total boycott of the November presidential election by Black-Americans will be the way to go. If they respected us, they wouldn’t pass this law in the first place. We are not a piece of rag to be used and later dumped. We should stand our grounds and demand that we are treated with respect and dignity, and not be used by anyone to accomplish his or her selfish ambitions.

Source: Think Progress

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