Institutional Racism: Hundreds March And Protest In El-Cajon

Following the video release of the Alfred Olango shooting, El-Cajon residents have taken to the streets to protest institutional racism.

Civil right leaders have rallied, protested and marched in the community of El-Cajon, following the video release of how Alfred Olango, 38, was shot and killed on Tuesday. The El-Cajon police have claimed that the video was released “for the sake of the well-being of the community.”

A diverse and peaceful crowd gathered, as religious leaders gave speeches and said a prayer for the lost soul, who was lethally taken away from us by police officers. Many protesters held signs; a banner read “White Silence=Violence,” and another read “#NotOneMore.”

“Mourning is a public sharing of grief and his unnecessary killing has rent the fabric of our human community yet once again and we are feeling it deeply in our hearts,” said Rev. Frank Placone-Willey of Summit Universalist Fellowship in Santee, California.

The protests came a day after two videos of the shooting were released by authorities. The videos show officer Richard Gonsalves shot Olango four times at close range, after the victim allegedly raised his hands in a shooting stance, while he was holding a 4-inch electronic cigarette.

The police officers arrived at the scene of the incident in response to a call about a Black man acting erratically. The call was made by Olango’s sister, as she was worried about the strange behavior of  her brother, who was reportedly suffering from a mental breakdown after the death of his close friend.

“Mental breakdown is not easy to control. He needed someone who was trained. Just calm him down, and then take care of the situation,” his mother, Pamela Benge, said.

The issue of police brutality is a very big problem in our society. These protests aren’t as a result of Black people just wanting to hold cardboards on the streets and yelling for a change; but because we are absolutely tired of the institutional racism we have to face every blessed day in our own nation. We really need law enforcement officials who do not see us as some wild animals for hunting, but as human beings.

Source: NBC SanDiego
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