No Indictment For One More Killer Cop

A Tarrant county grand jury decided not to indict Brad Miller for shooting Christian Taylor.

Jun. 09,2016


Last August, just two days before one year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death, it’s story repeated itself in another city. In Texas Officer Brad Miller shot and killed an unarmed black youth, Christian Taylor, aged 19.

Despite the fact that Miller’s own police department made the decision to fire him, as soon as they found criminal negligence in his actions on the chase and arrest of Taylor, Tarrant county grand jury saw nothing special in making four deadly shots into the neck and torso of a fleeing black teenager.

Like Michael Brown, Christian Taylor was not an angel, but neither was he a threat. It was Officer Miller’s choice, what to do, and he chose to kill.

Mike Heiskell, an attorney for Taylor’s family is disappointed with the jury’s decision.

“We were hoping and praying for (Miller) to be held accountable in criminal court for the unprincipled way he conducted himself, which led him to fire his Glock 9 mm into an unarmed Christian four separate times. Those hopes have been dashed,” he said.

Police themselves acknowledged Miller’s wrongdoing by firing him. We hope to see him behind bars too one day, because there is no place for criminals among decent people of any color.

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No Indictment For One More Killer Cop
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