Shocking Details on Trayvon Martin Death

The full story of the killing of Trayvon Martin told by the writer and activist Gina McGill. Here you will find details that were withheld at trial and would have convicted Zimmerman of the murder of the Black teen.

Trayvon Martin was on his way back from the store where he bought some snacks to eat to get ready to watch the All-Star Game. On his way back he saw a man staring at him from a car and this man was on a cell phone. He told his friend Rachel Jeantel who he was speaking with on his cell phone that the man was staring at him. Many think this man was Zimmerman but it was not.

At this time, he was standing at the mailbox area that was not the one at the Retreat at Twin lakes where he stayed. Many asserted this as the case, but it is false. He tried to stay out the rain, but when he saw the man staring at him, he left that area to go ahead and make it home and also to try to lose this man. So, eventually, Trayvon Martin entered the complex where he was staying, and he thought that he had lost the man that was following him. What he did not know was that there were at least 2 other men at the Retreat at Twin lakes mailbox area in the complex that he lived in. They were waiting for him to appear and one of those men was George Zimmerman. The other was a law enforcement officer.

So, there were at least three people actually out there that evening on a neighborhood watch. As Trayvon Martin appeared, George Zimmerman called the police dispatcher and gave his statement that Trayvon Martin was possibly a burglar. While Zimmerman was speaking to a dispatcher you can hear Trayvon Martin pass by Zimmerman and ask if there were a problem. He had noticed some odd behavior with Zimmerman. Zimmerman did not give a response!

Trayvon continued to walk on. Trayvon saw the man that was following him in a car again, and so he decided to run. Zimmerman had gotten into his truck by this time and observed Trayvon. As Trayvon started to run, he left his truck and ran after Trayvon, but the operator told him that it was not needed. While he was on the phone with the dispatcher, Zimmerman put a bullet in the chamber of his gun.

Trayvon Martin is still on the phone with his friend. He tells her that the man, who was following him in a car, is now approaching him quickly on foot. His friend tells him to run, but he says he is close to where he is staying so he does not run.

However, this man catches up to him. The man wants to know why he is at that complex, and before Trayvon can even get a word out, this man attacks him. Trayvon Martin goes to the ground, his cell phone hits the ground and then we lose the connection with his friend Jeantel. For about 50-52 seconds he’s yelling for help. Some witnesses call the police, and some witnesses actually saw Zimmerman pull the trigger. They saw Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman standing, Zimmerman shooting him in the heart, and Trayvon Martin falling to the ground. However the prosecutor did not call them to testify about this, but there is proof on a 911 tape that the shooting was observed.

Zimmerman had the decision to make at that point because he had already committed an illegal act by detaining Martin and holding him at a gunpoint. He chose to execute Trayvon and shot him in the heart to ensure he would never be able to talk again. As Martin fell to the ground, Zimmerman got around him and pushed down at Martin’s chest to make sure he would breathe his last breath and never get up again. There were some witnesses who were outside and they saw that Trayvon Martin was never on top of Zimmerman.

Zimmerman then used his own gun to hit himself on the back of his head to make up his story that he was attacked and that Martin was on top of him, but you can clearly see the outline of Zimmerman’s gun on the back of his head by the outline of the blood. This is what happened.

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Author: Gina McGill

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