Two More Suspects In Ramarley Graham’s Case

During the 2012 incident officers John McLoughlin and Sgt. Scott Morris used "improper" tactics that contributed to the death of Ramarley Graham.

It’s been 5 years since the tragic death of Ramarley Graham but the justice is still too far from being served. For many, it’s just one more story about a cop going scot-free after killing an innocent Black man just because… he feared for his life.


Newly obtained documents say that an NYPD administrative judge and its firearms review panel condemned Officers John McLoughlin and Sgt. Scott Morris for using poor judgment and improper tactics. McLoughlin improperly kicked in Graham’s door, and Morris failed to supervise and manage the incident.


We write to request immediate action from your administration to hold the remaining officers responsible for Ramarley Graham’s killing and … related misconduct,” the Progressive Caucus stated in an official letter to de Blasio and O’Neill.


Graham’s mother, Constance Malcolm and Gwen Carr, the mother of slain Staten Island father Eric Garner, have also issued a joint statement condemning those who compromise with their consciousness.

It’s disappointing that after receiving preferential treatment from the City, James Blake [who was tackled by an NYPD cop] appears to be giving cover to the de Blasio administration for its complete lack of police accountability and transparency,” the statement reads.

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There can be no compromise in cases like Ramarley Graham‘s murder, as coming to terms with the justice, you let the injustice repeat.

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