Sophia Coppola’s “Beguiled” So White

Sophia Coppola, a white, female director, decided to completely exclude canonical Black female characters from her adaptation of "The Beguiled."

Many of you would be surprised to know that Sophia Coppola made an unexpected decision to totally omit depicting Black women in her adaptation of ‘The Beguiled’.

The director explained this weird move by her wish “focus on the gender dynamics” rather than “the racial ones.” 

But the problem is that the original plot is a bit bigger than a story of two white women fighting for the love of a Union soldier at the times of Civil War. There is also plenty of tension between these so-called women-centric protagonists and Mattie, the slave that they coerce. Along with Mattie, Coppola has ‘erased’  Edwina (a mixed-race teacher) thus avoiding the issue of white women and slavery.

The above-mentioned scenario brought the controversies of the past back to life. Sophia Coppola is offering us a disgusting cocktail of appropriation, white supremacy and racial discrimination, that perfectly shows how little has changed since the Civil War.

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