Charleena Lyles’ Murderer Gave Up His Taser

The police officer, who killed Charleena Williams, explains why he didn't use a more humane way to restrain her.

Officer Jason Anderson, who fatally shot Charleena Lyles, a pregnant mother of 4, right in front of her kids, says he left his taser in his partner’s locker to save space. “I’m a … quite slender guy,” Anderson explains. “I don’t have a lot of room for equipment on my belt.”



Though he still had some non-lethal means of protection like baton and pepper spray with him, he used neither of these when Lyles, who had mental health issues, tried to attack him and his partner. “Both officers had fired their service weapons, striking the individual. Unfortunately, it is a fatality,” Seattle Police Detective Mark Jamieson told.


“Why couldn’t they have tased her?”  Charleena’s sister Monika Williams, asks. Now we know the answer to her question: one had no taser and the other… feared for his life and the life of his partner as usual.





So we see two trained armed cops who got scared by a pregnant sick woman, two cops, one of which prefers not to carry a taser and the other chooses not use his one. In other words, they are two cops who see killing as the best way to enforce their own violent law, especially if they know beforehand that all their actions will be either justified or excused.

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