Young, But A Big Hero – Black 3rd Grader’s Heroics On Highway

10-year-old Christopher was mature beyond his years, exclaimed Officer Walls.

Young but very brave, 3rd grade Christopher Wheeler saved the day during a horrific highway encounter when he brought to a halt the pick-up truck, which was ridden by his 70-year-old neighbor, Alfred Smith.

In an interview, Christopher explained, “He got sick and he was swerving across the road,” referring to Smith, also known as Mr. Mitch, the driver. He had started to lose control of the car as he began to lose consciousness during a diabetic episode.

On that fateful day, Attorney General’s Officer, Special Agent Eric Salvador was at that time heading north on I-65 when he spotted the truck was skidding carelessly and going heads-on with incoming traffic.

After several attempts to make the truck stop proved futile, officer Salvador called for backup whiles he followed the car with sirens along the interstate. Salvador then contacted Millbrook authorities as soon as the truck drove off the Exit 181.

A shocked-shaken Christopher was able to pull the car over when he tugged on the wheels and reached the brakes with his leg to bring the truck to a halt, ending the almost tragic ordeal. Senior Trooper Lee Walls responded to the back-up calls and on arrival got Christopher into his patrol car ad later to a fast food restaurant whiles waiting for his family members. Mr. Mitch was taken by paramedics to the hospital.

This young brave-heart saved not just himself, but the 70-year-old who was suffering a diabetic attack and anyone they could have crushed into that day on the highway.

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