Trayvon Martin Murder Is What’s Wrong With Criminal Justice System!

An activist, writer, and investigative researcher, Gina McGill, tells the truth about Trayvon Martin’s murder

Everyone has heard about Trayvon Martin and his dreadful death at the hands of George Zimmerman. However, the murder cover-up and what Zimmerman actually did has not been told in any mainstream media. Gina McGill researched it all and wrote a strong book titled “State of Florida v. Trayvon Martin (A Murder Cover-Up & Obtaining Justice).” Today we are talking about the book and the murder itself.
Hi, Gina! Can you describe your book, please? What will the readers find in it?
Gina McGill
The book is investigative. It details out that Trayvon Martin killing was actually a murder. It was the murder covered by the police department of Florida. And I also tried to show how the prosecutor ruled the case, to prevent the defendant from being found guilty. I researched all of the evidence that the police and the state provided took that evidence and the facts and put them in this book to show exactly how this was. To show how a murder occurred.
What was your goal when you started writing the book?
Gina McGill
My goal was to improve the criminal justice system. I want to help create a system where the same rules apply to everyone, not just certain people. I want to ensure Blacks are given the same treatment as Whites.
Why did you choose the killing of Trayvon Martin to write a book about?
Gina McGill
 I listened to the 911 tape and I heard Trayvon Martin yelling for help. He yelled for help for about 50 seconds, and no one came to his aid. So, hearing his agony pierced my heart. I was able to put myself in a position of someone, who cares, a loved one, and I realized that I have to do something about it.
Trayvon Martin’s murder was a shock for all Black Americans. What did really happen that night?
Gina McGill
Trayvon Martin was on his way back from the store where he bought some snacks to eat to get ready to watch the All-Star Game. On his way back, he saw a man in a car staring at him.  Many think this man was George Zimmerman but it was not.  [We thought it was impossible to delete any of the shocking details that Gina told us. That’s why we made a separate article describing the events of the evening when Trayvon Martin was killed. Read it here.]
Wow! Your book is an extensive research. How did you manage to find all this evidence not known to the wide audience?
Gina McGill
Well, I did a tremendous amount of reading court documents, police reports, witness statements, listening to police interviews with Zimmerman, with witnesses, reviewing Zimmerman witness statement, analysis, etc. It took me very long hours for almost a year to do this research and it was certainly not easy, but I saw that it needed to be done because this was a great injustice done to Trayvon Martin and he represents all young black males.
We are so excited about what you’ve done! The evidence you’ve found could be a justification for the retrial. Because we know that George Zimmerman was freed of all charges. Who do you blame for that?
Gina McGill
Well, I blame the prosecutor because he had the control; he had the power to make a decision of what to actually tell the jury regardless of what anyone else directed him to do. While he was standing in that courtroom the final decision was with him as to what he was sharing with those jurors, and he chose to withhold the evidence and the factual information that I present in my book. He also minimized the credibility of his own key witnesses who provided testimony that incriminated Zimmerman. If that prosecutor had provided all of this information, Zimmerman wouldn’t have a ground to stand on, and Zimmerman would have been found guilty because his statement of what happened would have been proven not only false but impossible as well.
Do you think that the prosecutor intentionally did that?
Gina McGill
Well, he had more resources than I do. There’s no excuse for not knowing this information. So, yes, this was intentional. The prosecutor depends on the police to provide him with evidence for cases.  They must work together. So, there was also a conflict of interest present.  Does he cover for the police or does he tell the truth? Plus racism played a big role in it. The police department has a long history of racism.
George Zimmerman has become a public figure. Using his publicity he insulted the family of Trayvon Martin and gathered a good sum of money. Additionally, he has recently sold the gun that he used to kill Trayvon for $250K. What do you think about it?
Gina McGill
That’s a tragedy that kicked Trayvon Martin’s family members in the stomach! They had already suffered a great loss and went through a tremendous ordeal in the pursuit of justice for their child. If you killed a person in self-defense as he falsely claims he did, there’s nothing to be proud of or be happy about.  Zimmerman exhibits the exact opposite of this! I think it’s horrific to benefit from murdering an innocent child, to have no remorse, and to wrongly accuse Trayvon’s parents of raising a bad child when he knows he murdered Trayvon.  Trayvon being black, outside at night, and in the community made him bad in Zimmerman’s eyes.  Zimmerman is a perfect example of what is wrong with the criminal justice system or better yet, the people running it who allow him to do the things that he is doing when he should actually be in prison. It is the fault of law enforcement including the prosecutor for refusing to do their jobs!
Using this case as an example, please, make the list of the reforms that should be enforced in order to spare the lives of Black kids like Trayvon.
Gina McGill
That is a great question! Also, it is quite difficult because all of the information needed to find George Zimmerman guilty of murder was made available to the public!  However, the prosecutor still got away withholding the evidence and the factual information that would have led to a guilty verdict.  However, the case information should definitely be available to the public or else I could not have researched it in detail and provided the book! We need the involvement of people in powerful positions. This should be people who say, “Okay we’re not going to put up with this anymore. This has to be stopped! We are tired of this occurring! If a person doesn’t do what he is in the position to do, such as the prosecutor, then we’re going to remove this person and put him in prison. This is unacceptable!” Until enough Americans reach that point, unfortunately, the injustice will continue.  In addition, not enough black organizations or social justice organizations have shown a desire to get to the bottom of what happened.  This needs to change.
Do you have anything to add or to share with us?
Gina McGill
 I just really hope that people will unite for social justice and create a fair criminal justice system. I hope that many people read the information written in my book because this information is not available through the national media. I hope that those who need this information will find it.  

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