Black Cops Shot By White Cops

You might consider the recent shooting a single incident, but the victim there is just one of many endangered Black cops.

White cops see threat everywhere, they are deaf to the voice of reason and can easily shoot the victim instead of the suspect or even wound or kill another officer just because of his skin color. For white men Blacks are a threat, pregnant women, small kids, and even Black cops are not an exclusion.

Recently we have heard about a shooting of a 38-year-old Black off-duty officer who got a bullet from his white colleague but luckily survived. Below you’ll find some very similar stories.

In 2009, 25-year-old New York City police Officer Omar J. Edwards, who was black, was shot and killed by a white officer on a Harlem street while in street clothes.

Three plainclothes officers on routine patrol arrived at the scene and yelled for the two to stop, police said. One officer, Andrew Dunton, opened fire and hit Edwards three times as he turned toward them with his service weapon. It wasn’t until medical workers were on scene that it was determined he was a police officer. A grand jury voted not to indict Dunton.


According to Atlanta Black Star, a year earlier in the suburb of White Plains, New York, a Black off-duty Mount Vernon police officer was killed by a Westchester County policeman while holding an assault suspect at gunpoint.

And in Providence, Rhode Island, an off-duty Black police sergeant, Cornel Young Jr., was accidentally killed by two uniformed white colleagues in 2000 while he was trying to break up a fight in a parking lot. Young was the son of the department’s highest-ranking black officer at the time.

All the victims are said to be mistaken for suspects. So only one question remains, why Black cops never make such mistakes?



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