Beauty Of Black Ballet Dancers

Watch a powerful and beautiful video from Dance Theatre of Harlem showing the beauty of black ballet dancers

That’s why organizations like Dance Theatre of Harlem have always made sure black ballet dancers see themselves on stagewith a short film titled “High Above,” directed by Daniel Schloss and written by Charlie Sohne, which shows the power representation can have in a young person’s life.

DTH collaborated with India.Arie for the film’s title track, which doubles as the release for the Grammy-award winning artist’s latest single.

In the film, the death of a young black girl’s grandmother inspires her to dance. She sneaks off to a performance, looks up at a gorgeous black dancer on stage, and afterwards the dancer gives the girl her dance shoes. When the girl returns home, she learns about her mother and grandmother’s special bond through ballet.

Black representation in ballet is important. For Centuries ballet had an image of white only dance, but now it’s changing and we bring black excellence in ballet like no one could!

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