Bernie Sanders Speaks On Issues Of Racism During A Panel Discussion In NY

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders addressed a crowd of over 1,000 at the Apollo Theater in New York on issues of racism.

The New York Democratic primary is arranged on Tuesday April 19 and Sen. Sanders is getting set to battle with Hillary Clinton for the Black votes. On Saturday April 9, Sanders together with activist Harry Belafonte and Erica Garner, the Eric Garner`s daughter, talked about racism and how it still affects minorities especially the black communities during a panel discussion at the Apollo Theater.

Senator Sanders, as a man born in Jewish family, has sometime in his life experienced racial discrimination and injustice and now it could be an opportunity for him to put an end to such injustice in the society.

“I am proud to be Jewish,” he said while addressing a crowd. He described how “uncomfortable” he felt when he talked about his background, and it gave him a motive to fight against racism.

Garner asked, “A whole bunch of Democrats said ‘black lives matter’ or ‘Eric Garner’… well where are they?” She and the legendary song writer, singer, actor and activist Harry Belafonte gave their full support to Sanders as he fights to end racism and bring justice to the nation.

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