Secret Service Agent Wants A Day In Court On Behalf Of African American Agents

A secret service agent pleads for a day in court prior to a lawsuit that claimed a pattern of racial-discrimination.

In the year 2000, Ray Moore, who worked as a secret agent led a group of fellow black agents in filing a lawsuit on racial discrimination against the secret service. Moore, who is now 57, is on the verge of retiring and has yet to have his day in court.

He is crying to the federal judge to revisit the case and grant a hearing to over 120 of his fellow black agents and force the service to consider its system of promotion. “On the occasion of my retirement, I ask that you please allow this case to move to trial, so that the Secret Service will be held accountable to the justice system, if not to me as an active Secret Service Agent.”

“I want to see justice for the almost 120 class members who have been discriminated against by the Secret Service and the generations of other Agents who are now walking in our shoes,” Moore told The Washington Post in an email.

Moore said the lawsuit was filed 16 years ago to make the Agency live up to its ideas, but the goals are not yet fulfilled. The Secret Service’s tactics and delays in the justice system have prevented it from being held accountable.

The Secret Service’s spokesman declined these accusations by coming out with instances whereby new black agents who join the service are paid higher and are promoted quickly and randomly than the whites with comparable experiences.

Moore says, “We will prevail.” “Many of the dark secrets of the Secret Service will come out during trial, including e-mails with racist, offensive jokes being sent by Secret Service leaders, evidence of a noose being hung for black Agents to see, and story after story of agents who were denied promotions, despite impeccable qualifications to serve, because of their race.”

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