Post KKK Feud Arrests – Only One KKK Member Arrested

Charles Edward Donner, 51, is the only member of the KKK, arrested and charged during the Klan’s clashes with Anaheim locals on Sunday.

After a heavy clash between members of the KKK and the Anaheim community on Saturday, a total of 13 people were taken into custody with 7 main arrests made following violent stabbings during the clash.

Eyewitness at the scene of the clash narrated how the KKK almost immediately pulled out knives, and started stabbing people as soon as they were confronted. This act is an offense that is punishable by serving a prison term, and so should all the KKK members who took part in the stabbing.

However, news reaching the general public about arrests have it that, at the planned Ku Klux Klan rally, six counter-protesters were arrested and charged with ‘elder abuse charges’ and ‘assault with a deadly weapon charges’ for intervening and confronting the KKK members. Whiles only a single arrest was made of a KKK member.

When officers were questioned as to why there wasn’t enough security set-up, officers answered “What happens is, everyone is allowed to exercise their free speech, so the police try not to get involved.”

What a flimsy excuse to give the public after three major stabbings occurred during an organized rally like the KKK’s.
We all remember how tactical the police were, some weeks ago when the Anaheim Police Department put a stop to a peaceful protest by the Anaheim Community Coalition for Gustavo Najera, an unarmed 22-year-old, who was shot brutally by a police, on the February 13.

If the APD was truly not on the side of the KKK, why then did they refuse to arrest the many members of the KKK, who were armed?

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