Bill O’Reilly Doesn’t Believe Blacks Can Get Jobs

“But how are you going to get jobs for them? Many of them are ill-educated and have tattoos on their foreheads,” Fox News to Trump.

During an interview on Monday April 11, the racist Fox news host Bill O`Reilly referred to African-Americans as being “ill-educated and have tattoos on their foreheads.” He then asked the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump about his plans to create jobs for these Black people since they “are not qualified”.

The jobs have been taken out of the United States like we’re a bunch of babies,” Trump replied. “I’m telling you, it’s an economic message. If you look at President Obama, he’s been a President for almost 8 years, it will be 8 years, you have with black youth, with African American youth, you have 59 percent unemployment.”

Trump pointed out that most of America’s manufacturing companies are being taken to Mexico and China because of cheap labor and incompetent politicians. He intends to stop the smuggling of jobs to these countries. “We’re going to have Apple computers made in this country,” he said.

Trump further stated that his structure to bring back jobs to America will not limit anybody even if not qualified. “We will get the skills and we’ll develop the skills,” he said.

Bill O`Reilly as a typical white representative of the most racist America`s channel blames black people for being “ill-educated”, although the blame rests with the white educational system which doesn’t create opportunities for black children and teens. As we previously reported black children in schools are left behind. Not speaking of universities where black students who can afford study frequently become subjects of racial slurs.

The easiest way for those who enjoy all the white privileges is to accuse black people of all the communities` problems, but in fact these problems are the result of poor government which doesn’t care about minorities. Black people are as smart as white people and they want to get their full education as well, the one thing they need is equal opportunities.

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