Seattle Nazi Tracked Down And Beaten after Harassing A Black Man On A Bus

A white man wearing a nazi swastika armband in Seattle was reportedly tracked down and beaten after harassing a black man on a bus.

On Sunday, the unidentified Nazi was seen on a bus, with several witnesses claiming that he had been harassing a black man. Several anti-fascists then used Facebook and Twitter to track the man down, resulting in a confrontation that was captured on camera and resulted in the man being punched in the face.

Just before he was hit, the man could be hear yelling, “They deserve welfare.”


One of the anti-fascists who helped to track the man down on social media congratulated the gray sweatshirt-wearing man who threw the punch.

“I would say that we successfully identified, tracked and coordinated to neutralize a clear and present danger to Seattle,” he told BuzzFeed. “Whether we coordinated the actual punch or not… I, for one, applaud the anonymous hero.”

Seattle police also responded to the man after receiving reports of a man in a swastika armband instigating fights.

“Police were on the scene in five minutes and found him on the ground. He declined to provide info about the incident and left after removing his armband,” police said, adding, “No one else at the scene contacted officers to make a report about the incident.”


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