Two Black Professors Create Website To Enhance Education Of Black Males

“Dr. Brown and I, as well as researchers across the nation, have dedicated our research focus to understanding and providing critical analyses of the questions and concerns surrounding black males in the educational arena,” Professor Louis Harrison said explaining why they embarked on the project.

Professor Louis Harrison and Dr. Anthony Brown launched a website rich in research content on the education of black people. Their goal is to make readily available numerous findings for those wanting to study the problems African-Americans face in pursuit of an education

For several years, Black people struggled for equal rights in America. Black people fought for access to basic amenities, and that fight is yet nowhere near over. But concerning our rights to proper education, it would seem we need to tackle our problems ourselves, as the institutions in charge of that seem unwilling to help.

A myriad of problems plague the education system in the country, the problems are even more pronounced for the poor Black families who can’t afford any other school than the poorly managed public schools closest to them. Some of their research highlighted a few of these problems: disproportionate dropout rates, the high number of suspensions and expulsions amongst others.

The site contains extensive researches and a deep wealth of information for other academics and policy makers. The site’s main purpose is to shed light on some of the root causes of the many roadblocks many Black people encounter during their pursuit of an education.

For years, academics have voiced their concerns that the current systems in place make it difficult for Black people, especially Black males to get an education.

Sadly, it seems that only Black people care about fixing their problems, and so innovative ideas like this that can point us to the right path should be celebrated.

We support this idea, like any other adequate idea to improve the education of Black people. But in any case, it would be better if black taught black in schools, universities, and colleges. Only this way we could unlock the full potential of Black people.

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