Chicago Organization Brings African-American Oral History To Colleges

The HistoryMakers, a Chicago-based non-profit organization founded in 1999 is now offering its digital archive to 10 major universities throughout the country.

A list of video interviews will be made available to universities through subscriptions, where they can be accessed via the school libraries by lecturers and students.

Among the several universities that signed up for the subscription were Northwestern University, University of Chicago, Boston University, Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, Howard University, Emory University, Carnegie Mellon University and Cornell University.

The HistoryMakers is also collaborating with Harvard, Yale and Emory to create a fellowship for minority students by providing postgraduate training in rich African –American history in a few universities.

With these services students are expected to educate themselves more on black history and to broaden their knowledge in such fields as politics, religion, science, military and music.

It will also help expose the hidden African stories, the rich culture and the great achievements of African American heroes.

Most white people have a little idea of black history and for blacks to prevail racism it is necessary to promote their roots and origin.

Racism is as old as history itself and in order to fight against it one must first be educated on how it all came about.

Studying Black history will help one explain the origin of slavery and the ideology of white supremacy which obviously is the base of racism.

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