Police Raise Concerns Over Honorary Degrees Given to BLM’s Co-founders

Some officials are concerned about Clarkson University’s plans to give honorary degrees to Co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement.

On May 7, the African-American activists will be awarded honorary degrees from the Clarkson University as a way of appreciating their efforts and vision to restore justice to our communities.

The movement started on Twitter campaigning against violence towards black people. The BLM movement took the media’s attention as the police doubled their rate of brutality against blacks.

Just after the University’s announcement to award these successful activists, some undisclosed police officers complained that the university is honoring activists that promote “anti-law enforcement”.

The Clarkson spokesman Michael Griffin in turn told 7 News that “Clarkson honorary degrees are awarded to individuals who through their personal achievements and vision can inspire graduates to use their Clarkson education and experience to see the world through the lives of others and the potential to impact something larger then themselves.

The BLM movement evolved as a result of reactions towards police brutality, so if these cops are not involved in such cases, then they shouldn’t be offended by the movement or by people who are trying to appreciate their efforts. Police force is supposed to protect citizens, but it doesn’t when it comes to the black people.  That’s why the community needs movements like BLM.

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