White Student Planned To Mock BLM Protesters With A Set Of Racist Symbols

Tristan Rettke brought a gorilla mask, a Confederate flag burlap sack and other racist symbols to the protest hoping to provoke the activists.

The rate at which the ill-culture of racism is taking a hold of the younger generation sends shivers down the spine. Looking at the turn of events now in our society; particularly our educational institutions, it is almost scary to visualize the type of future America is carving for itself. This article further justifies the need to tackle the canker of racism in our schools and all other institutions before things get out of hand.

Tristan Rettke, a student at the University of East Tennessee State has been slapped with a charge of civil rights intimidation after he decided to play a bad taste joke on the local BLM protesters.

East Tennessee State University’s freshman student found  himself in the grips of the law after trying  to make a caricature of the activist group. He arrived at the protest wearing a gorilla mask and started taunting the participants of the event.

Rettke had also later disclosed to the police that he was in possession of a rope and banana which he had planned to use to infuriate the demonstrators, Johnson City reports. According to WCYB, among the racist symbols the white student of the university also had a confederate flag burlap sack.

The East Tennessee State University officials have said that they strongly disapprove of Tristan Rettke’s irresponsible actions. Currently, the decision of the school regarding this issue is yet unknown, though there are allegations that Rettke will be expelled.

The behavior of this guy shows no understanding of the value of somebody’s life except maybe his own. His fearlessness is based on the notion that being racist is nothing more than a joke and not a crime at all. He cannot imagine that his actions may hurt somebody’s feelings.

One may say that the guy’s just being stupid, but such stupidity is cruel and such carelessness is dangerous. Unfortunately, in Tennessee University they don’t teach students to fight covert racism. Possibly they should before it becomes too explicit.

Source: The Root
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