Yale Students Join BLM To Protest Against Recent Arrests Of 2 Local Citizens

Over 100 protesters, including Yale students, came together on Friday, May 6 to protest the arrests of two local citizens, Hellamns and Agnew.

Hellamns and Agnew were arrested a week ago after they refused to leave a beverage store on Whalley Avenue.

According to reports, the two residents were asked to provide an ID and a matching Credit Card, which they did not have. When the New Haven police officers got at the scene, they handcuffed, beat and pepper sprayed Hellamns and Agnew even though they cooperated with the cops. Agnew, 27, who is a New Haven resident, was charged with disorderly conduct.

Black Lives Matter activists, New Haven residents and students of Yale University came out in their numbers demanding that the State’s Attorney drop charges against Hellamns and Agnew and that the three officers should be suspended. One of the protest organizers said,  “We are not allowing violence to happen here, on the streets of New Haven.

There’s a sign over that says ‘The system is guilty.’ There are a bunch of names on that sign: Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner,” another protester said.

The young Yale students were actively involved trying to spread awareness about police injustice and brutality. The society needs more people like these students who care to win the fight against racism.

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