Texas Police Officer Found Not Guilty For Killing A Black Woman

Daniel Willis, a former deputy police officer in Texas has been cleared of murder charges in the fatal shooting of a 47-year-old black mom.

The unarmed black woman, Yvette Smith, was shot to death on February 16, 2014 at her front door by Officer Daniel Willis who was supposed to calm a dispute between a father and a son in the house. She called 911 for help to defuse the argument, but it turned out that 911’s help brought disaster to the Smith’s family.

The police at first reported that Yvette had threatened them with a gun and they gave commands, which actually was a falsehood as was found out after an investigation concerning her death.  After hearing a testimony from a witness, the police department withdrew their statement, and Willis was fired and charged with murder.

According to reports, Willis was tried in September 2015 and had a 8-4 in favor of a guilty verdict. He was granted a retrial and over the week the killer of the loving mother was found not guilty of any crime.

His’s not-guilty announcement brought tears to the eyes of Smith’s family members. “Bulls–t, that’s bulls–t,” a man yelled as the judge read Willis’ Verdict.

This is what happens to black lives, they don’t matter to State Officials. Another killer cop goes scot-free while the victim is six feet under the ground.

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