Police Body Cameras Didn’t Record Terrence Crutcher’s Death. Why?

There are no police body cameras in Tulsa, although city officers were selected to receive a nearly $600,000 cash-match grant for them in 2015.

A press release by the Tulsa police has confirmed the shooting of a 40-year-old Black man, Terrence Crutcher. According to the report, Crutcher was shot at about 8 p.m. after he refused to put up his hands when ordered to do so.

Jeanne Mackenzie, Tulsa police spokeswoman briefed reporters on the incident. She said that as two officers moved towards a parked SUV in the middle of the street, Crutcher walked to them from the side of the road. Mackenzie further stated that Crutcher had not heeded to instructions given to him by the officers.

She said, “They continued to talk to him, he continued not to listen and follow any commands. As they got closer to the vehicle, he reached inside the vehicle and at that time there was a Taser deployment and a short time later there was one shot fired.” The 40-year-old Black man died at the hospital.

The police spokeswoman also added that after an hour after the Black man had been shot, the police had not conducted any search into the vehicle to ascertain whether Crutcher was reaching for a weapon or not.

Tiffany Crutcher, Terrence Crutcher’s twin sister revealed through a press conference on Saturday that his brother was unarmed. She said, “I’m just devastated.”

As at now, authorities of the Tulsa police department have refused to make known the identity of the officer responsible for the offense. But as the practice has been, the officer involved might certainly be put on a “paid vacation” under the pretense of administrative leave.
However, Damario Solomon-Simmons, the lawyer for the Crutcher family has called the police to make available any video of the shooting they might have in their possession. He further told reporters gathered at the Saturday press briefing that the deceased was in the area because his car stalled.

He continued by saying that “From that point, I do not know what occurred. We have no idea, and that’s what is so difficult for us and the family.” Solomon-Simmons added that he was trying to unravel the mystery behind the death of Terrence Crutcher.

Moreover, due to the fact that there are no police body cameras in Tulsa, it is going to be their word against the actual fact.

This is actually disgusting! The city is supposed to have received a nearly $600,000 cash-match grant for buying body cameras for police in 2015, and we still can’t get a reasonable explanation for the death of one more Black man. Cops also have not been able to prove that Crutcher’s vehicle contained a weapon. It seems when it comes to the Black person, the law suddenly changes to “guilty until proven innocent.” This is a disgrace on the whole justice system and the law enforcement.

Source: abcNews
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