Texas Police Officers Vs Black Girl

In a new viral video, three Texas police officers are violently detaining a 14-year-old black girl.

On the night of May 20 a girl, whose name is not revealed because she is a minor, was attending a party. After some male attendees started a fight the owners of the facility called the police which instead of providing help and support used brutal force to subdue the girl who had not been involved in the initial altercation.

Witnesses, who claim, that the girl didn’t hit any if 3 Texas police officers, involved in her arrest, recorded a video and posted it on the internet. “It looks like the officer punched the girl with a closed fist,” said Artessia “Tess” House, one of the girl’s lawyers. The officer who hurt her “lacked the temperament and the restraint when it came to dealing with this child to the point where he became an aggressor,” House added. “When we talk about use of force, the force has to be proportional. … That force does not seem that it would be proportional ― even if the child did hit him.”

“Because she is a 14-year-old minor, she needs to be treated as a 14-year-old minor ― not as an adult,” the lawyer claimed.

“There was nothing that merited that use of force. There’s really no excuse.”

The traumatised girl was also denied an ice-pack when she asked for it and was held at the juvenile detention center for half a day.

In an official statement published on Monday police Chief William McManus said: “Per SAPD policy, the events leading up to the arrest of the juvenile for assaulting a public official is being investigated to ensure compliance with Department policies.”

Whatever investigation is ongoing we don’t trust it’s results too much as the police department found it necessary to charge the poor girl with assaulting a public servant though the video clearly show who’s being assaulted here.

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