Fried Chicken and Black People Controversy

The fact that Black people love fried chicken is nothing more than a result of white stereotyping but the story doesn't end here...

There are lots of stereotypes surrounding African Americans. Some say “Black people love watermelon,” “black people love popeyes” and “black people eat chicken,”  some are insulting, some are just stupid but 99% of these were invented by whites. Somehow these stereotypes migrated into popular TV commercials, the TV commercials that might be easily called racist… and that star Black celebrities…

Even former football star Jerry Rice couldn’t resist the temptation to promote this concept. Luckily the ad didn’t last too long after the backlash.

Do you remember the recent story about a Balck elderly lady and firefighter who has been fired for telling she woman should “stop eating fried chicken when he responded to a call for medical aid? It didn’t sound sweet at all.

Besides that, urban, African-American neighbourhoods have been disproportionately targeted by the continued expansion of fast-food chains, as a result, Black people are 1.5 times more likely to be obese than their white counterparts.

In another story, the owner of a posh mansion ordered her stuff to cook “Black people food”, not “white people food,” meaning using cheap ingredients. The menu included fried chicken, BBQ ribs and cornbread and was offered to the tourists who pay nearly $2,000 a night to stay at her so-called Eco-Resort.

We are not here to disapprove but such stereotyping may go far beyond relatively innocent and funny commercials. If you let put yourself into a frame you risk getting stuck into it because for white logic there isn’t much difference between “Black people love fried chicken” and “Black people are dangerous.”

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