Police Dog Attacks Black Man

Officers force police dog to maul innocent man after he asked them to leave his yard.

According to The Free Thought Project,  Marcus Wright, 21, had done nothing wrong, committed no crime, and had harmed no one. However, the fact that Wright was entirely innocent did not prevent his attack and subsequent arrest. “They just asked for my information and that’s it,” Wright said as he described how quickly police attacked him.


Police had come to his house that day to serve a warrant to Wright’s brother. Naturally, the Bartow Police Department is claiming they did nothing wrong because — wait for it — Wright ‘fit the description.’

After claiming Wright looked like their man, officers then claimed the right to use deadly force against him. While the video does not capture the beginning of the attack, police claimed Wright ‘resisted’ the egregious arrest and so they unleashed the police dog.


“I don’t know anything about any resisting arrest. They took it too far,” Wright said.

Before police unleashed the K9, however, Wright was tasered twice.


“I had no record. No record at all,” Wright said.



While the police department claims they are ‘investigating’ the use of force employed by their officers, the chief is already noting how he sees nothing out of the ordinary in the video.

“With the video that I saw and with the preliminary investigation that we have, I don’t have any reason to suspect that they were way out of policy or out of policy at all,” Dorman said.

The outcome of this story is obvious: as you can see from the document above police has already found an excuse which can be neither checked nor declined. If it doesn’t work, we bet they switch to their usual tactics – fearing for their lives in front of a single unarmed Black man in broad daylight.

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