Wearing Your Natural Black Hair At Graduation

Graduation is one the most important days of your life and you may need some ways to make your natural Black hair look gorgeous.

Natural Black Hair has been targeted by all kinds of educational institutions for years. Braids and cornrows have been forbidden, students, wearing those, punished, detained and suspended. Even such an innocent thing as coconut oil was made the basis for discrimination.

Our post is devoted to wonderful African-American girls who were brave enough to stand their ground and keep the beauty of the natural Black hair until the graduation day. You are already great achievers as you overcame the prejudice, bias and stereotypes but here are some hints which will help you shine even more.

If a graduation cap won’t fit over your hair, maybe it’s the cap that needs a little styling. Natural hair vlogger Chizi Duru shows you how.

And if you want to have some more complicated hairdo here some more ideas for you.

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