Mike Crane: Shooting At Police Serving No Knock Raids Is Justified

Mike Crane doesn’t support no knock raids, saying they are illegal and dangerous

Georgia Sen. Mike Crane has been under scrutiny for his recent remarks against no knock raids conducted by police. In his speech made at Republican event in Coweta he raised sharp concerns over the fatal consequences that stem from the use of no knock warrants.

Needles to say, that Crane’s comments were a huge blow to his opponents, leaving them infuriated.

In his statement about the controversial practice of no knock raids Crane advocated for the citizens of Georgia saying, “You come to my house, kick down my door—if I have the opportunity, I will shoot you dead. And every one of you should do the same.”

Being a strict constitutionalist, Crane is very much opposed to no knock warrants. He considers them illegal and unjustified, saying they can go completely wrong both for law enforcement and for the public.

Crane made his inflammatory statements referring to a 2014 incident in Habersham County, when Georgia police threw a flash grenade into a playpen of a toddler, severely injuring him. However, it appeared that the suspect, police were searching for, wasn’t in the home.

Senator believes that if police enter private premises without the consent of the owner, they should get ready to face retaliation.

Multiple cases of people killed or injured in the no knock raids prove that thousands of innocent lives are needlessly put at risk and the government grant police the power to violate citizens’ rights.

“It’s really an issue of what is the role of government? What powers do we grant them? And is it fully within their power to grant themselves the power to enter your home in the middle of the night? And then the question is, what are the circumstances and how high a bar should that be?” said Crane.

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